Guerilla Blogger wanted!

My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.

Kevin Mitnick

I have had no contact with the Chinese government. I only work with journalists.

Edward Snowden

If Anonymous and Lulzsec are the id of hacking, then physical hackerspaces are the heart of the higher-minded hacking ideals: freedom of information, meritocracy of ideas, a joy of learning and anti-authoritarianism.

Heather Brooke


Tell me….

  • you cannot write a text of 300 words without using emoticons?
  • you think the darknet is used for catching fish at night?
  • if someone told you to find a reverse shell you would go to the beach?
  • you think Mirai is a japanese exchange student?
  • you think Locky is one of those viking-gods?

If you answered these questions with a plain “no”: we are looking for guestbloggers!

  • write for publication on a well connected security site
  • of course you are marked as author
  • we offer compensation for every article we publish
  • Bonus for shares on social platforms!
  • publications are a booster for your job application (not only when applying to iT-CUBE SYSTEMS)

It’s the idea that counts

We want writers that tackle topics like hacking, cybercrime and it-security in a witty and clever way. We also appreciate any non technical angles: interesting articles from a social, philosophical or legal perspective are most welcome as well.

Just send your suggestions of topics or rough drafts to!



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